Clean, Professional and Affordable Web Designs and Solutions

BERI DESIGN provides a full-service web design and development solution. We strive to create appealing website designs that will effectively communicate your marketing message using intuitive, appropriate interactive elements. Whether your target audience is nineteen years old or seventy-nine, we understand what makes them click and come back for more. Why hire us?

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Clean Keep it simple, stupid

Simplicity lasts. Simplicity is necessary in order to properly convey any idea.

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    Keep it simple, stupid

    Simplicity lasts. Simplicity is necessary in order to properly convey any idea.

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    Good functions with Professional looking

    We understand that you do not just want to get online. We understand that you want to grow your business with an impressive online presence.

  • Endangered Species
    Affordability is necessary for the success of your biz

    Cost is an important issue to consider. An affordable web design helps keep your business in the black.Affordable web design is a reality.

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    Expertise that matters.

    We use our expertise in the areas of web design/development, branding, internet strategy, search engine optimization and web technologies to help our clients achieve a higher level of success.

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    Complete Customer Satisfaction

    Our philosophy is Simple - Complete Customer Satisfaction. We commit to your success of business. We understand that commitment builds trust, and then good relationship.

  • Risk Free
    Risk Free
    Just relax.

    Too good to be true? Money back guaranteed if not satisfied with our work.

What We Do

Web Design

Translate your message into the digital language of content, functionality and images.

Web Applications

Streamline operations with straightforward, uncluttered web interfaces.

Content Management

Keep your website text, images, blog, etc. up-to-date.

e-Commerce Solutions

Make sale on line with completed online store.

Social Media & Marketing

New way to find and keep your customers

Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing is not an optional. Be visible, get found and get conversion.

Webmaster Services

Website Hosting and maintenance.Get you back to do what you do best—running your business!

Web Addons

Custom-designed email newsletters make it easy to communicate with clients.

Why Hire Us?

1. Our philosophy is simple - Complete Customer Satisfaction.

 We commit to your success of business. We understand that commitment builds trust, and then good relationship.We treat you with honesty and integrity.  We carry out our work ethically and sustainably providing the best outcome for our customers. We truely believe that 'Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

2. We have the expertise that matters.

Our professional team has a variarity expertise to deliver the best solutions that fits your needs. Every of our IT professional has at least 5 years experience in the field. They are young, and energetic. They always keep themselves up with the cutting edge technologies.  We understand every business faces budget and time constraints. We will partner with you to deliver a web savvy solution that is realistic, affordable and fits your needs. We truely believe " 

3. We build clean solutions.

We emphasize simplicity. Some web design firms love to build complicated web sites. Not us. We build the clean solutions.  We choose the simplest tool that will effectively accomplish a task. Simple sites load faster, are easier to use and are less prone to problems.

4. We're affordable.

We cut off our cost, and past the saving to you. No fancy office. No snooty receptionist. Just hard-working Internet professionals, who are in or outside of U.S. The Internet is so powerful that we don't have to sit in one place when working on the projects.  Our access to low cost, but highly skilled prefessionals (designers, developers, etc.) will for sure cut your web project cost, and make our solutions more affordable to you.

5. We're risk-free

We provide guarantees that you simply won’t find anywhere else. You get a fixed cost for your project, agreed in advance. Money back guaranteed if not satisfied with our work.

We even make it easy for you to take your business elsewhere, with no ongoing contracts, and no “technology tie-in” (like an in-house Content Management System you can’t use with another company).

6. You have all our commitment. And you are the boss.

No matter what you need from us, big or small,  you have our full commitment. We give you the options and recommendations to make good choices or decisions. However, from the beginning to the end, you are the boss.

7. We embrace open source.

Open source matters. We embrace open sources to build the solutions when it fit the best .We believe open source simply creates better solutions. Solutions built on open sources will most likely cost you less that the proprietary/license model.

Embracing open source also means that we won’t trap you with technology either. Some agencies force you to stay with them by using a proprietary systems/solutions to build your site. Your license to use their software is dependent upon you remaining their customer, and hosting your site with them. In other words, moving to another agency - or even another web host - will mean considerable time and expense for your business, at best.

The whole world is watching. Are you still invisible?

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